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UnRiskIT® offers the oil industry a reliable risk analysis software to make confident decisions and avoid potential hazards, resulting in optimized financial and operational performance.

Traditional Methods:

• Erroneous
• Cumbersome
• Inconsistent
• Inefficient

Operators and engineers understand the importance of proper planning and action needed to avoid nonproductive time (NPT) and cost overruns associated with today’s increasingly complex wells. Traditional risk analysis methods of retrofitted spreadsheets and software add-on tools are cumbersome, inaccurate and inefficient resulting in poor decisions and wasted time. Furthermore, these traditional methods are generic and often require costly experts for probabilistic model development and interpretation. Customized for petroleum professionals, UnRiskIT® is a powerful software solution for quickly and properly generating critical information needed for effective risk mitigation.

UnRiskIT® Solutions:

• Consistent
• Quick
• Easy to Use
• Gain Control

Warrior Technology Services has partnered with industry experts to develop UnRiskIT® – a leading edge, breakthrough software solution for well project risk analysis. This innovative technology quickly performs risk analysis by logically entering and modifying project data in an easy-to-use, straightforward interface. UnRiskIT®’s methods, procedures and features allow the user to gain control and maintain consistency across multiple projects using your common industry knowledge.

UnRiskIT® Advantages:

• Accurate Cost Estimates
• Reduce NPT
• Optimize Operations
• Risk-Empowered!

UnRiskIT® enables E&P Companies to thoroughly analyze and better manage risk, deliver more accurate cost estimates, reduce NPT, and avoid costly drilling problems. UnRiskIT® enlightens E&P managers by providing quick and clear insight into the statistical parameters that compiled each cost estimate. In the end, E&P companies transform from risk-vulnerable to risk-empowered and conduct operations and production optimally and more efficiently.

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